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Posted by Latidoll (ip:)
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  • Date 2022-06-27 13:15:40
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Summer vacation picnic box item's list.




Yellow size ( Wig / Outfit )



1.Secret Garden ver. Lady Bug[G.Yuri]

2.Secret Garden ver. Froggy[Lea]

3.Secret Garden ver. Honey Bee[Jia]

4.Secret Garden ver. Little Lady[Cookie]

5.Secret Garden ver. Squirrel[G.Belle]

6.Secret Garden ver. Tulip[Joy]

7.The Snow White ver. Wicked queen[Lea]

8.The Snow Queen ver. Kuroo [Reindeer]

9.Little Angel Sweeties ver. Pumpkin Muffin [Jia]

10.Little Angel Sweeties ver. Strawberry Cake [Sophie]

11.Lati Village ver.Landscape painter [Som]

12.Lati Village ver. Competent Doctor [G.Belle]

13.Lati Village ver. Careless Mail carrier [Nia]

14.Lati Village ver. Praying Nun [Mystic Hana]

15.Lati Village ver. Lovely Florist [Mina]

16.Magical Lati ver. Devil [Mystic Elly]

17.Magical Lati ver. Winter Violet [S.Belle]

18.Magical Lati ver. Summer Blue [Jenny]

19.Magical Lati ver. Autumn Yellow [Ari]

20.Magical Lati ver. Spring Pink [Nia]

21.Master of Dragon ver. Flittermouse[Sunny]

22.Master of Dragon ver. Frame Sprite [Miel]

23.Jungle of Lati ver. Brilliant Blue Bird [Elly] 

24.Jungle in Lati ver. Little Girl [Jia] 

25.Greek Mythology ver. Hermes [Chloe]

26.Greek Mythology ver. Ares [Ari]

27.Greek Mythology ver. Dionysos [M. Haru]

28.Maestro Giraffe ver. Sol

29.Sweet Teatime ver. Sophie

30.Sweet Teatime ver. Cherry

31.Fly me to the moon ver. Emily

32.The lazy friends ver. Sloth [M.berry]

33.The Ghost Bride ver. Bearer Crow [Hana]

34.The Ghost Bride ver. Graceful Reaper [Emily]

35.The Ghost Bride ver. Franky Bear [Rose]

36.The Ghost Bride ver. Franky Bear [Rose]

37.Summer Beach ver. Baby Conch [Sol]

38.Sweety elephant ver. Yuna

39.Kitty in merry-go-round ver. Noa

40.Chocolat Strawberry ver. Jucy

41.Red Riding Hood 2019 ver. Nia

42.Red Riding Hood 2019 ver. Hana

43.Lets swim together ver. Sophie

44.Lets swim together ver. Jenny

45.Little Moon Bear ver. Chloe

46.Happy Halloween ver. Happy

47.Anne of green gables ver. Jenny

48.Oh! My Rabbit ver. Jenny

49.Oh! My Rabbit ver. Emily

50.My Beloved Rabbit ver. Cherry

51.Alice In Wonderland 2020 ver. Chesire Cat [luna]

52.Alice In Wonderland 2020 ver. Heart queen [Elly]

53.Alice In Wonderland 2020 ver. Mad Hatter [Jia]

54.Alice In Wonderland 2020 ver. White Rabbit [Emily]

55.Alice In Wonderland 2020 ver. Alice [Rose]







Lime size ( Wig / Outfit )



1.Panda Girl ver. S. belle 

2.Pharaohs curse ver. Sophie [Bastet]

3.KinderLati ver. Hana

4.Sweet bubble pink ver. Sophie 

5.Sweet bubble violet ver. S. belle 

6.Gulllivers Travels ver. bigger Gulliver [Happy]

7.Happy weekend ver. Hana 

8.Cotton Candy ver. Elly

9.Baby Violinist ver. Sophie 

10.White swan ver. Hana 

11.Black swan ver. Sophie

12.Sweet Piggy Pink ver. Hana

13.Sweet Piggy Yellow ver. Hana 

14.My Beloved Rabbit ver. Cherry

15.Rainy Day ver. Mystic Hana

16.Rainy Day ver. Mystic S.Belle

17.Alice In Wonderland 2020 ver. Alice [Rose]

18.Bat Children ver. Haru

19.The Wizard of OZ ver. Sophie

20.Arctic Friends ver. Mina

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