Face up(+ $65)
Body brushing(+ $80)
Outfit(+ $120)
Wig(+ $30)
Shoes(+ $55)
Left arm parts(Incl. Brushing)(+ $80)
Sword + Grip hand(Incl. Brushing)(+ $70)
Mask (Incl. Brushing)(+ $45)
Exchange to the Tan skin(+ $50)

King's Guard [Istvan]

February 9th , 2013 ~ March 4th 2013

Proto concept creator : Hye Young Lee
Concept editor : Piranha
Head sculpt : YuRick
Parts design : PureLati Design Team
Fantasy Outfit design : Piranha
Photographer : Hazak

[No option set]

Istvan (Normal skin), Glass Eyes(H11 14mm), Manual, certificate, cushion, box, Elastic String

Tan skin
Face up
Body Brushing
Outfits :Top+warmers+belts set,Pants, Belt, Armor,Fur cloak, Necklace
Shoes : BK003-BK (3 Buckle Boots)
wig : WK005(F16-1/18)
Left arm parts (Incl. Brushing)
Sword+Grip hand (Incl. Brushing)
Mask (Incl. Brushing)

*ornaments on clothing can be altered

Black male type body size

궎(height) - 66.2cm
癒몃━몮젅(head girth) - 23cm(9")
媛뒾몮젅(chest girth) - 27cm
뿀由щ몮젅(waist girth) - 20.5cm
뿁뜦씠몮젅(hip girth) - 26.5cm
紐⑸몮젅(neck girth) - 11.5cm
뼱源⑤꼫鍮(Shoulders Width) - 11cm
뙏湲몄씠(Arms length) - 20cm(11.5)
뿀由~臾대쫷(waist~knee) - 23cm
뿀由~諛쒕걹(waist~the heel) - 44cm
뙏슍몮젅(Forearm length) - 9.5cm
넀紐⑸몮젅(Wrist girth) - 7cm
뿀踰낆몮젅(Thigh girth) - 15.5cm
諛쒕ぉ몮젅(Ankle girth) - 8.5cm
諛쒓만씠(Foot length) - 8cm

About Layaway Orders

If you want to order him with a layaway plan follow the steps below.
1. Select item options from Largo page and choose 쏝ank as your payment option.
2. Write 쐋ayaway order in the memo blank and leave your e-mail address, deposit you will pay, payment method (bank transfer, card, paypal) and months you want to split the total payment.
Ex) layaway order/ $400-paypal/6 months
3. After your order, ask us for your private payment window every month to complete your payment.
4. If you finish the whole payment, the order will be shipped.

* Your deposit should be more than 30% of the whole price according to our layaway plan policy.
Ex) Largo($550) )+Face up(open head)($65)+ Wings(Incl.brushing)($130)+ Mask+Hammer(Incl.brushing)($80)+ Fantasy outfit($110) + Wigs($30)+ Shipping($45)
= $1010 ->1010*0.3= $303 -> Deposit should be more than $303
* An order will be placed when deposit is confirmed within the order period. (by October 10th, 2012 at noon KST)
*only for Black line dolls.*
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