Face up(open head)(+ $65)
Face up(mystic head)(+ $65)
Body brushing(+ $80)
Mystic head(+ $150)
Wings(Incl.brushing)(+ $130)
Mask+Hammer(Incl.brushing)(+ $80)
Fantasy outfit(+ $110)
Ceremonial outfit(+ $140)
Wigs(+ $30)
Shoes(+ $46)


September 10th, 2012 ~ October 2nd, 2012

Proto concept creator : Hye Young Lee
Concept editor : Piranha
Head sculpt : Heung
Parts design : Noi
Fantasy Outfit design : Hye Young Lee&Piranha
Ceremonial Outfit design : Hye Young Lee&vanilla
Photographer : Hazak

[No option set]

Largo (Normal skin), Glass Eyes(H6 14mm), Manual, certificate, cushion, box, Elastic String


Mystic head (Without eyes)
wings parts (Including brushing)
fantasy outfit : Top, Skirt, Tasseled Belt, Head-band, Arm-bands(4p), Leg-bands(2p), Necklace(2p)
Ceremonial Outfit : Inner full dress, Over dress, Pants, 3 layered belts.
Shoes : Gladiator Shoes(CaramelBrown)
wig :WK001(F16/F4)

*ornaments on clothing can be altered

Black male type body size

궎(height) - 66.2cm
癒몃━몮젅(head girth) - 23cm(9")
媛뒾몮젅(chest girth) - 27cm
뿀由щ몮젅(waist girth) - 20.5cm
뿁뜦씠몮젅(hip girth) - 26.5cm
紐⑸몮젅(neck girth) - 11.5cm
뼱源⑤꼫鍮(Shoulders Width) - 11cm
뙏湲몄씠(Arms length) - 20cm(11.5)
뿀由~臾대쫷(waist~knee) - 23cm
뿀由~諛쒕걹(waist~the heel) - 44cm
뙏슍몮젅(Forearm length) - 9.5cm
넀紐⑸몮젅(Wrist girth) - 7cm
뿀踰낆몮젅(Thigh girth) - 15.5cm
諛쒕ぉ몮젅(Ankle girth) - 8.5cm
諛쒓만씠(Foot length) - 8cm

(Actual color of dolls can be different with monitors.)