Yellow Body (ver.2)
for Yellow

White skin(+ $)

Yellow Renewal Body Ver.2 size

Height : 16Cm
Head : 5.7~8inch
Neck : 4.5Cm
Bust : 8.5Cm
Waist : 8.7Cm
Hip : 9.8Cm
Arm : 3.7Cm
Waist~ankle : 6.7Cm
Foot : 2.2Cm

*If you don`t check White skin, Normal skin type body will be shipped basically.

*this Package include assembled body parts only, other products(head for example)
in the picture is for display.

*We ask your understanding that there is a chance that skin color of this body parts
are different from the color of preexistent BJDs, depending on the manufacture period.

since we changed the skin color for advanced quality in January 2006, It`s possible
that the skin color of this body parts are different from BJDs which are manufactured
before that time. we think that It`s almost similar between the skin color of body parts,
that is manufactured after February 2006, and preexistent BJDs.

the contents of this body parts include a description, extra 2 elastic strings and additional 1 pair of hands for Ver.2,
but exclude a certificate, and the package will be shipped in safety box for their own.

*For more information about Yellow Renewal body ver.2, please consult related FAQ shown below.

***Yellow Renewal body and Sp. body size