[ 2016-11-21 ] Notice of Counterfeit dolls

We have a very important message for our beloved fans of Lati dolls.
Currently there are some people selling fake Lati dolls through Facebook or Taobao in China, Thailand and other countries. Thanks to the notice of our longtime fan, we came to know that some people are promoting fake goods as if they are original ones and selling them using pictures of Lati dolls without our permission.
Those counterfeit dolls are definitely having a lower quality than ours and any service work including A/S is not available to those fake goods.

We’d like to let you know our official dealers as below.

Thailand : Dollaxy (Amornrat Angsanakul)

China : Janice JIA, Adolland

US : Doll Peddlar

Please keep in mind that we have no official dealers other than those mentioned above.

You guys, our lovely customers will know the best the difference between original Lati dolls and fake ones.
We will take legal action against counterfeit sellers and wish none of our customers would get disadvantaged from buying fake dolls unknowingly.
Please spread and share this notice both online and offline to prevent any further incidents from happening.

We’ll make every effort to provide better service with more lovely and cute dolls.

Thank you.


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