Rucas(Ryu)-Basic ver. boy

normal skin muscular body (A tpye)(+ $0)
normal skin stylish body (B type)(+ $0)
White skin muscular body (A type)(+ $0)
White skin stylish body (B type)(+ $0)
Mo-hair(Light Gold)(+ $13)
Default outfits(+ $45)
Make-up(+ $35)

Sculptured by Yang mee-hee
a charismatic man of men Basic ver. Rucas.

0. product information
-Make-up : Option
-Eyes : 12mm Glass eyes (Random)
-Wig : Option Mo-hair(Light Gold)
-Outfits : The outfits in the pictures are charged option.
-contents : shirt, pants, cardigan, necktie
-Skin : White skin/Normal skin -Shoes in the picture is not included. Customer who want ordering shoes can order it in shoes category.
-Body type : A type(muscular body)/B type(stylish body)
*Mo-hair needs styling as in the pictures.

*Default Make-up service is fixed as same style in the pictures.
(Default Make-up service is unchangeable since our policy was changed. If you want
to make your doll have different style from the pictures as your taste, please use
Premium Make-up service after making an order without checking Make-up option.)

*Outfits and Wig in the pictures are charged option.

*Please check White skin option, if you want to get a doll with white skin.
(Basically Normal skin/A type doll will be shipped, if you don`t check white skin
and body type option.)

*Eyes color will be shipped at random.
(If you want specific color, or you really do not want some color, please leave a memo
when you make an order. But we ask your understanding that eyes color may be installed
at random in principle, in case of being out of stock, though we will try
to send your dolls with eyes color as you want.)

We will give customers 2% points of payment for Credit card
settlement from November 2007.

*Payment by Bank and Paypal will still get 1% point.

*Because of the property of manufacturing BJDs
by custom-handiwork, it`s hard to receive request for cancelation and
the refund in case of change customers` mind.