J.P Limited [Dreaming Lyn]

Exchange open eyes head(+ $0)
Adding open eyes( make up)(+ $150)
Outfit(+ $70)
wig(+ $30)
shoes(+ $40)

Christmas ver. Elf Coco [Sugar Plum Fairy]-The nutcracker

December 01th, 2011 ~ December 11th, 2011

Concept art : PureLati Design Team

[No option set]

Sleeping Lyn(Normal skin), Make up, Manual, certificate, cushion, box, Elastic String set


outfit : Vest, Dress, Arm warmers, Stocking, Socks, Muffler
wig : RA500 - RG130

*ornaments on clothing can be altered

(Actual color of dolls can be different with monitors.)