Adel for making an order

Greeting second anniversary of, We`d like to thank you
for your concern and support. We are preparing a variety of events
in commemoration of our second anniversary.

Yellow character cushion
*We will send a Yellow character cushion shown below
to every customer who purchase our doll.

Second anniversary extra head parts.
*We will send extra head parts to every customer who
purchase Limited/Special ver. dolls.
Second aniiversary event head does not include any eyes.

*Please leave a memo which head type and skin color you want to receive
for the event, but you can choose extra head parts from the category
you purchased, and Basic ver. dolls only. (We ask your understanding that
you can choose between Normal/White skin only, and other category,
or Special/Limited head parts will not be applied.)

*If you want to receive extra head parts with make-up servce, please
select charged option-"Make-up extra head parts" or Premium make-up service.

*If you don`t leave a memo about extra head parts, we will send at random.