Secret Box -100

** The size of wig, outfits are for Yellow Line.

-$100 Secret Box
1 randomly picked up Wig
+ 1 randomly picked up outfits among all Yellow type outfits including Limiteds before 2014
+ 1 Head
** Head might wear make-up or no make-up, and skin tone and type are all random.
** Head will be randomly picked up among Lati셲 Yellow Line heads including
Tan, Mystic G.Belle
White, Mystic G.Belle
Tan, S.Belle
Tan Mystic Sophie
White, Mystic Sophie
Tan, Wink. Luna
Tan, Mystic Vamp Haru
*Please understand that the head in Secret box could have skin tone difference compared to Lati body we currently manufacture.
*Above event product will be delivered within 10 days after the order closed.
*Please understand the Secret box Order form can be closed earlier than its schedule if the number of order is considered beyond our capacity.