Grown up ver. Laches

Limited Collection-Grown up ver. Laches

쓽긽뵒옄씤 : Shuya
硫붿씠겕뾽 : NIAA

worldwide to only 14

About Limited Collection

1. Outfits : long coat, choker, T-shirts, Leather short pants, Stockings
2. Shoes : Long boots(Flat)
3. Wig : Ra34-1b(Black)
4. Eyes : 12mm Brown oval flat back Glass eyes
5. Make-up : Special Make-up for only Limited Collection Grown up ver. Pury
6. skin : tanned skin

7 customers each and 14 customers in total who order our second Limited Collection dolls,
Grown up ver. Pury or Lina will get Grown up ver. Laches released on December 4th
for free prize by drawing lots.

After ordering closed, we will do random sampling and give the information of winners
to our membership with a notice and mailing service.

And we will send E-mails to winners separately. Grown up ver. Laches is not for sale,
and he is prepared limited quantity with meaning of thanking you for your concern
about our Limited collection. So, we ask your understanding that there is one
chance for each customer.

*We are afraid shipping schedule of winners may delayed,
because preparatory period will take more time.