Halloween Ver. Pumpkin Momo

add wig(RA12-1/DF4)(+ $30)
option parts(+ $40)
white skin(+ $0)
Exchange to the Ver.1 Body(+ $0)

Halloween Pumpkin Momo

Oct. 18th, 2010 ~ Nov. 8th

Concept art : PureLati Design Team

[No Option Set]
Momo(Normal Skin), Hazel Glass eyes(12mm), Make up(with eyelashes), Outfit(Hat, Pumpkin Pants, T-Shirts, Cape, Warmer), Manual, certificate, Cusion, Box, Elastic String set
Wig : RA12-1/DF4
Option Parts : Pumpkin shoes, Pumpkin stick, Pumpkin deko, Pumipkin mask

ornaments on clothing can be altered.

Makeups of limited dolls cannot be changed.
(Actual color of dolls can be different with monitors.)