2010 H.K Bloody Moon ver. Cookie

add outfit special shoes (+ $75)
add wig(RA126-SB/SB1)(+ $30)
add option parts(+ $25)
Adding Mystic head( make up)(+ $100)
white skin(+ $0)
normal skin(+ $0)
add eyelashes(+ $0)
Exchange to the old Body (Ver.1)(+ $0)
Magnetic parts option(+ $0)

2010 H.K Bloody Moon ver. Cookie

June, 21st. 2010 ~ July, 12th

Concept art : PureLati Design Team

Eyes : 12mm Glass eyes Hazel
Skin : Tanned skin
basic option ; coffin
Costume : hat, cape, vest, blouse, pants, socks
Wig : RA126-SB3/SB1
shoes : special shoes
option parts : gloves parts, bat stick

ornaments on clothing can be altered. Eyelashes are not included in make up.

Makeups of limited dolls cannot be changed.
(Actual color of dolls can be different with monitors.)

Tanned skin dolls can have marbling marks on their body parts made during the manufacturing process and these marks are not considered as defects.