2010 H.K Bloody Moon ver. G. Belle

add outfit special shoes(+ $75)
add wig(RA110A-RGSH2/RG900)(+ $30)
add option parts(+ $25)
Adding Mystic head( make up)(+ $100)
white skin(+ $0)
tanned skin(+ $0)
add eyelashes(+ $0)
Exchange to the old Body (Ver.1)(+ $0)
Magnetic parts option(+ $0)

2010 H.K Bloody Moon ver. G. Belle

June, 21st. 2010 ~ July, 12th

Concept art : PureLati Design Team

Eyes : 14mm Glass eyes Green/Gray Odd eye
Skin : Normal skin
basic option ; coffin
Costume : bonnet, cape, skirt, slip, knee socks, panty
Wig : RA110A-RGSH/RG900
shoes : special shoes
option parts : gloves parts, skull stick

ornaments on clothing can be altered.

Makeups of limited dolls cannot be changed.
(Actual color of dolls can be different with monitors.)