Choco Lea (St. Valentine ver.)

Skin Type - Normal(+ $0)
Skin Type - White(+ $0)
Dress - Pink Rabbit(+ $0)
Dress - White Rabbit(+ $0)

Yellow Limited

St. Valentine Limited Ver.

Skin Type : Normal/White
Make Up by: minney
Design by : 5deng

1. Clothes : Rabbit bonnet, Denim shirts, Pumpkin pants, tights, wristlets.

2. Shoes : Special Basic shoes (Pink for Pink Rabbit set, Navy for White Rabbit set each)

3. Wig : Ra12-rg12 D.Brown.

4. Eye : 14mm glass eyes Cobalt

5. Make-up : Special Limited Make-up.

You can design your own St. Valentine limited Ver. Miel/Lea!!

skin type : Normal or White
make up : choco Ver. or Sugar Ver.
outfits : White rabbit set or Pink Rabbit set
the marks : spade, Diamond, clover or heart

*the marks on cheek can be erased with water without doing damage to make-up.

*you can choose skin type and outfits before adding to cart, as a general order,
or It will be normal skin and outfits will be randomized.

*you have to leave a note about the mark, or It will be randomized.