Limited Dragon ver. Cubie

Add a cane, special hands parts for a cane and dragon wings(+ $60)
Add boots for normal feet parts(+ $22)
Exchange to the magnetic hand parts(+ $0)

Yellow Limited Dragon ver. Cubie
Sale period: Ontober 14th ~ October 29th

Make up : make –up team
Design : Corona

Costume: Pants, a vest
Wig : Special mo-hair (Black)
Eyes : 14mm Glass eyes Gray
Skin : Tan skin

Costume, a wig, makeup, dragon foot parts, dragon hands parts, a tiara will be included as basic option. You need to select separate options to purchase a cane, special hands parts for a cane and dragon wings. Also, you need to check the option if you want to purchase boots for normal foot parts.

- Wings can be attached on and off.
- Tiaras can be attached on and off.
- Normal hands and foot parts will be all shipped.
- If you order dragon wings, you will both receive a body part for wings and a normal body part. (Your doll will be assembled and shipped with the wings body part if your order dragon wings.)

Makeups and skin colors of limited dolls cannot be changed.
(Actual color of dolls can be different with monitors.)

Tanned skin dolls can have some marbling marks on their skin.