2009 H.K Unicorn ver. Ruki

bids(for ears)(+ $5)
add wings & upper part of the Yellow body(+ $35)
Exchange to the magnetic hand parts(+ $0)

H.K Limited Collection Unicorn ver. Ruki

Selling period
Hong Kong – June 30th 12:00 at noon ~ July 9th 12:00 at noon)
All other countries except HK – June 30th 12:00 at noon ~ July 6th 12:00 at noon)

Design : Corona
Make-up : make up team

a jumpsuit, a wrap skirt, a wrist band, choker, a unicorn셲 horn, unicorn legs
Option - wings, bids (for ears)
Skin - Nomal skin
Wig - mo-hair (Black+white two tone)
Eyes - 14mm Glass eye violet

- You need to check the option for wings and (or) bids (for ears).
- Both a body part for wings and a normal Yellow body part will be sent if you select the option for wings.

- Wings are removable.

- Unicorn horns are removable.

- 3 pairs of extra hand parts will be shipped.

- Normal Yellow feet parts will be shipped free of charge.
(The doll will have unicorn legs when it is shipped.)

- Since they are limited dolls, their make up and skin color cannot be modified. Also, the color of horn, wings, and unicorn legs cannot be changed, either.
(There can be a little difference between real color and color through monitors.)

*Mo-hair needs styling as in the pictures.

- A small amount of HK limited dolls will be sold in Hong Kong Dollism fair on July 26th, on a first-come-first-served basis.

- Related Event
For customers who purchase HK limited collection dolls, Lati will ship a 쏦K limited dolls fan on a first-come-first-served basis.