Flower garden set. Coco(tanned skin)

add Outfit(+ $60)
add Slippers(+ $25)
Exchange to the magnetic hand parts(+ $0)

Flower garden set. Coco

Make up – make up team
Design – Corona

- Make up and a wig are included in the price and you need to check the option if you want to have an outfit and a pair of slippers.
- The doll will be shipped in tanned skin color and the skin color cannot be changed.

A one-piece dress, an underskirt, stockings, a hat
Wig : Ra06/DF15/SB600
Slippers : cat
Eyes : 14mm hazle
Skin type : tanned skin

- Due to our special skin producing method, some marbling marks can be left on the dolls skin. The marbling marks do not mean that the dolls are faulty and please do not rub those marks with a piece of sandpaper or etc.