Limited Vampire ver. Coco

Exchange to the magnetic hand parts(+ $0)
Nomal skin(+ $0)

Limited Vampire ver. Coco

Selling period: November 28th 12 p.m. (noon) KST ~ December 1st 12 p.m. (noon) KST
It can be closed earlier depending on the amount of orders received.

Make up : NIAA
Design : Corona

Outfit: Dress, Underskirt, Stocking, Curl chip (Head dress)
Wig: RA101 1B/99
Eye: 12mm Glass Green eye
Shoes: Limited Ribbon shoes Black
Skin type : white skin (If you check option, we will ship nomal skin.)

* The Yellow hand parts which will be restocked and released afterwards are changed to the general hand parts, not the magnetic parts. (Therefore, you could change the hand parts more easily using S shaped hook.)

*The customers who want the magnetic hand parts can choose the option of it. Otherwise the general ones will be given.

Christmas event

Event 1

The customers who purchase Latidoll will be presented the desk calendar of Latis by order of arrival.

One calendar is provided to one person regardless of the amount of the dolls you order.

(The calendar is limitedly produced and can be finished without a notice.)

Event 2

We will give you 3 set of Yellow, Yellow Sp. hand parts, the event gift of 3rd anniversary, to the customers who purchase the doll on Nov. and Dec. by the order of arrival.

(Since the Yellow hand parts were produced at 100 set, and Yellow Sp. hand parts were arranged to 50 set, they can be ended without any notice.)

It is general hand parts, not magnetic ones.

Event 3

For those who buy White, White Sp, Green, Blue, Red, the specially designed wig will be given. The photos of wig will be posted soon, and they are made 50 each by the line. It also can be finished earlier.

* Since all the events are first arrival served at the limited amount, they can be ended earlier without any notice.

*First arrival means the one who make payment first. Even though the one order first and pay late will not be given the event gift. Please remind this.