Special HK Elf ver. Lea

Special HK Elf ver. Lea

0. product information
Make up : inclusion
Eyes : 14mm Glass eyes(violet)
Wig : Ra21A-DF11/DF15
Shoes : Mary jane(pink)
Outfit : onepiece, pumpkin pants, bonnet, socks
Skin : Nomal skin
Etc : 6 additional hand parts, 2 additional foot parts

* Yellow HK limited item could be sold out quickly because of the limited amount.

* We will receive orders from all of the countries for only 1 day from at noon on 23rd (KST) to at noon on 24th of June. Any orders from other countries except Hong Kong after this period (at noon on 23rd~ at noon on 24th) are all called off.

* For the Hong Kong residents, it is possible to make order up to 27th of June in the case of in-stock.

* For Hong Kong residents, you can receive item from 14th to 19th of July only when you do not request combining orders.

* The customers' items from all the location except Hong Kong could be sent on the early August from here.

*We give you character key holder to everyone who purchase HK limited version item.