Summer Festival-Special Limited ver. Lea

Summer Festival-Special Limited ver. Lea
WTCS(World Traditional Costume Series) vol. 1
design by Corona&Shuya
World wide to only 10, Release in 19:00(KST) June 26th

Series to revive world traditional costumes, the first!!

Announce Yellow line BJDs in traditional custumes, who are
in the middle of summer festival. =)
They have totally different ambience from previous Yellow line,
You can smell air of summer with looking them, world wide
to only 10 for each.

*this Special Limited package include the parted feet parts
that is manufactured for geta and original feet parts.

1.outfits : Yukata, obi(belt), handbag, hair accessory.

2. shoe : geta

3. wig : Ra07-1b

4. eyes : 14mm glass gray eyes

5. make up : Special Limited Make-Up.

*This package will be shipped on July 24th in orders.