Special Ninja ver. Coco

Exchange to the magnetic hand parts(+ $0)

Yellow Special Ninja ver. Coco

Sale period: Jan. 8th ~ Jan 24th

Make up : Kiisha
Design : Corona

Costume; Top, pants, obi, ard-warmer, arm pads, leg pads, mask, huarache, face guard,
tortoiseshell-sheath, weapons(ninja sword, spear, dagger, scythe),special hands parts
Wig : RA-118 / DF11/ DF14
Eyes : 14mm Glass eyes Gray
Skin : Nomal skin

ornaments on clothing can be altered. Eyelashes are not included in make up.

Makeups and skin colors of limited dolls cannot be changed.
(Actual color of dolls can be different with monitors.)