Special Sheep ver. Lea

Add horns, a cane and sheep legs (+ $75)
Exchange to the magnetic hand parts(+ $0)

Sheep ver. Lea

Sale Period: October 26th to November 10th

Make up : make –up team
Design : Corona

Outfit: A one-piece dress, pumpkin pants, a bracelet
Wig –Ra111/RG18/Rg21
Eyes – 14mm Glass eyes Brown
Skin –nomal skin

Make up, outfit and a wig are included in the price.
Please check the option if you want to add horns, a cane, and sheep legs.

Horns are magnetic.

Customers who check the 쐓heep leg option will get both sheep legs and normal legs. The doll will be shipped with his/her sheep legs on.

Make up and skin color of limited dolls cannot be altered.
(The actual color of dolls and the color from your monitor can be different)

The tattoo on doll셲 shoulder is only for the picture and actual dolls will not have it with them.