Cat ver. Miel

white skin(+ $0)

A period of sale: 17th March(KST, 12:00 at noon) ~ 17th April(KST,19:00)
(This items going out fast so it could be out of stock depends on order quantity.)

0. Product information

Make up : Neroli
Design : Corona

Make-up : Limited makeup Included
Outfit : Sailor blouse, pants, Head-band
Eyes : 14mm glass eyes (*eyes color will be shipped at random.)
Wig : Ra78-Rg1001/Rg600
Skin color : Nomal/White

* Make-up of Limited edition dolls are unchangeable.
(We ask your understanding that Premium Make-up service is not applied to Limited edition tanned skin dolls.)
*Make-up, wig and outfits in the pictures are included.

Related Event

We will send you extra wig for free from Yellow line
brand new doll in the middle of February.

*new wigs which were designed for the event especially,
one wig for one doll.

*We are preparing 50 wigs for White, 70 wigs for Yellow,
and 30 wigs for Green/Blue/Red each, so we ask
your understanding that this event can be closed earlier
without further information.

We will give customers 2% points of payment for Credit card
settlement from November.

*Payment by Bank and Paypal will still get 1% point.

*Because of the property of manufacturing BJDs
by custom-handiwork, it`s hard to receive request for cancelation and
the refund in case of change customers` mind.

And we have more trouble with management of preparing items
and shipping schedule if you cancel order with Special or
Limited ver. dolls, and we need to maintain our impartially
for membership who couldn`t make an order.

So we are afraid customers who cancel their order with Limited
or Special ver. dolls will not be allowed to make an order with next
Limited or Special ver. dolls.