[Sp.]Belle-Basic ver.

White skin(+ $0)
W forehead straight Ra21-Kb88(+ $19)
Default outfits(+ $24)
Make-up(+ $35)

Sculptured by Yang mee-hee
Cute Child [Sp.]Basic ver. Belle

0. product information
-Make-up : Option
-Eyes : 8mm acrylic eyes
-Wig : Option W forehead straight Ra21-kb88
-Outfits : The outfits in the pictures are charged option.
-contents : a one-piece, panties, knee socks, a hat
-Skin : White skin/Normal skin
-Body type : girl body

*Basic Make-up service is fixed as same style in the pictures.
(Basic Make-up service is unchangeable since our policy was changed. If you want to make your doll have different style from the pictures as your taste, please use Premium Make-up service after making an order without checking Make-up option.)

*Outfits and Wig in the pictures are charged option.

*Please check White skin option, if you want to get a doll with white skin.
(Basically Normal skin doll will be shipped, if you don`t check white skin option.)

*For more information about difference between preexistent White body and White Sp.body,
please consult related FAQ shown below.

***White preexistent body and Sp. body size

We will give customers 2% points of payment for Credit card
settlement from November 2007.

*Payment by Bank and Paypal will still get 1% point.

*Because of the property of manufacturing BJDs
by custom-handiwork, it`s hard to receive request for cancelation and
the refund in case of change customers` mind.