[ 2021-08-22 ] [MUST READ]Notice on opening renewal version Lati website

Hello This is Lati,

We’re finally opening renewal version Lati website.

We apologize for system errors, and now with new website you can enjoy shopping without any inconveniences going forward.


From today, you can register at new ver. Lati website. Please be kindly informed that the new website requires separate registration (new account creation).
10USD Welcome Boucher will be offered to those who register during from Aug. 22 to Sep. 13. You can use it when purchasing items like points.

The current (old) ver. website is available until Feb. 2022 so that during that time window, please make sure to find if there’s any omitted orders and record their order history (capture the order list) as needed. From Mar. 2022, the site is not working so we can’t deal with any issues related to the old ver. website afterwards.

This current website address will be merged into new ver. website as of Feb. 1, 2022.
If you have any remaining points, please request to transfer your points to your new account at new website (automatic point transfer is not available, so if you want, please leave a message on our board).

With website renewal, we’re releasing renewal Basic line. We’re expecting big support from Lati fans.
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