[ 2021-01-20 ] Notice on system error

Currently Lati website is experiencing some system errors and some of the menu icons are not working accordingly. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
Our team is working on it and please ise the link below for order and browsing in the meantime.

Yellow limited

Yellow Basic


White Basic


White limited
-> http://www.latidoll.com/2007_en/index.htm?mode=product_list&big=1&mid=29

Yellow outfit
-> http://www.latidoll.com/2007_en/index.htm?mode=product_list&big=7&mid=19

White outfit
-> http://www.latidoll.com/2007_en/index.htm?mode=product_list&big=7&mid=30

Yellow wig
-> http://www.latidoll.com/2007_en/index.htm?mode=product_list&big=5&mid=16

White wig
-> http://www.latidoll.com/2007_en/index.htm?mode=product_list&big=5&mid=28

Additionally website renewal is in progress and will be completed very soon.

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