[ 2019-02-22 ] Notice on Honeybee and Basic sales

Hello This is Lati
We're opening sales of Honeybee event basic and basic Lati dolls.

1. Honeybee pre-order period : Feb. 26, 2019~Mar. 5, 2019(Korean times basis)

Four yellow types(Betty, Ari, Sissi, Mystic Sophie), three White types(T.Joy,T.Sophie,Belle)
*Full set nude is available.

2. Basic pre-order period : Feb. 26, 2019~Mar. 11, 2019(Korean time basis)

New type of Basic : Yellow(Sol/Cherry)
White&White sp(T Berry/T Elly)

This time we're receiving pre-orders of Yellow, White and White sp lines.

Please send full support for Basic Lati dolls!!
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