Date Title Hit
2020-02-12 Notice on delay of accessory items’ delivery (MUST read) 156
2020-02-10 Notice on online sales of Sweet bubble violet and Anne of green gables 279
2020-01-23 Notie on Lati Basic dolls (MUST read) 728
2020-01-23 New Lati doll Certificate (MUST read) 370
2020-01-22 Lunar New Year holiday 178
2020-01-22 Notice on delivery delay (Lime, Yellow event orders) 173
2019-12-21 Notice on adjusted payment due date for special event 407
2019-12-19 [[[GRAND OPEN]]] Lime Line Open Notice on New Lime line Limited 1578
2019-11-18 Animal friends in Savanna (brown tan) guerilla event! 693
2019-11-16 Sales Open Notice on New Limited, "Animal friends in Savanna" 742