[ 2011-09-21 ] Release of Lati’s 6th Anniversary Dolls and Event

Hello, this is Lati. Thanks to your love and support, we will have our 6th anniversary this month.

To celebrate the anniversary, we prepared limited edition dolls and an event as below.

-Limited Doll Alice In Wonderland-

Alice In Wonderland ver. Alice : Bayer

Alice In Wonderland ver. White Rabbit

Alice In Wonderland ver. Mad Hatter : Miel

Alice In Wonderland ver. Queen of Hearts : Lea

Alice In Wonderland ver. Tweedledum : Haru

Alice In Wonderland ver. Tweedledee : Sunny

- March Hare ?

Customers who purchase more than 2 Alice in Wonderland dolls will have an authority
to purchase a March Hare (brown rabbit) doll.

March Hare dolls will be available after when we close the sale of Alice in Wonderland dolls.

* Alice dolls will be available from September 23rd 2011 12:00 KST to October 3rd 2011.

* Please make a careful choice since it is impossible to cancel or to request a refund for a limited edition doll.

* Limited edition dolls will be shipped within 60 working days.

- Event Yellow Head [Suji] ?

Customers who purchase items for more than $400 (Excluding shipping fee)
value will receive an event head [Suji].(“Items” include dolls, wigs, shoes and etc.)

* The event head will be shipped without makeup. Makeup can be added with an extra charge.

* Shipment information for event heads will be posted later on our website.

We hope your attention to our event and we promise you to be a better company.

Thank you.
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2011-09-23 | Notice - Lati’s 6th Anniversary Event Yellow head