[ 2019-12-19 ] [[[GRAND OPEN]]] Lime Line Open Notice on New Lime line Limited

Hello This is Lati,

We’re launching new size Lati, Lime Line!
Lime Line is a new big size Lati line with the same proportion as Yellow Line’s (Lime Line height : 26 cm).
Please refer to the below link
-> http://www.latidoll.com/2007_en/index.htm?mode=faq&sc=en&num=56

In celebration of its launching, we’re opening Kinderlati ver. Hana, Panda Girl ver. S.Belle and Pharaohs curse ver. Sophie, all of them are the most loved dolls from Lati fans!
You can meet these limited dolls from both Lime and Yellow Line.
(Please be noted that only 10 dolls are available for each limited Yellow Line doll.)

Sales period : from Dec. 20, 2019 (3 pm, Korean time basis) to Dec. 31, 2019.

***Special big event for Lime Line launching (first come first served)***
*The first ordered 21 dolls (7 dolls by each Lime Line limited doll) will be delivered from Lati office within January 2020. Special hand parts (pointing, fist, victory and heart-shaped hand parts) will go to you together as our gift!

*You can order only one doll for each line and limited model.
Ex. The maximum number of dolls that one website account (and shipping address) can purchase is 6.
1 Yellow line Kinderlati ver. Hana /1 Lime line Kinderlati ver. Hana /1 Yellow line Panda Girl ver. S.Belle /1 Lime line Panda Girl ver. S.Belle /1 Yellow line Pharaohs curse ver. Sophie /1 Lime line Pharaohs curse ver. Sophie

-Please be noted that if you order several different dolls, some of them can be sold out.)

*Delivery schedule mentioned above and hand parts gift are available only for full set purchasers. Regardless how fast you order, if it’s a nude doll, the order is not subject to this event.

*If you want to be part of this event, please choose payment option as "money" and hold your payment until you receive ‘order confirmation mail’ from us. When placing an order, please leave your available e-mail address by note, board or e-mail so that we can send order confirmation mail.
After receiving confirmation mail, please complete payment until Dec. 23, 2019 (7pm, Korean time basis). If payment is not made until this due date, the order is automatically cancelled and we’ll notify the next customer to proceed payment.

As we’re preparing our new website, please understand that Lime Line is in the Yellow Line menu temporarily.

Looking forward to your strong support for new Lati Lime Line!
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