[ 2019-05-14 ] Sales Open Notice on New Limited,"The Ghost bride"

Hello This is Lati,

We'll release new limited series, 'The Ghost bride'

Order duration : 17th May, 2019 ~ 7th June, 2019 (Korean time basis)

*Ghost bride open event

1) Those who purchase one or more Ghost bride dolls within the first ten days after its online sale open will get Lati’s new head, Mayo (without make-up, glass eyes).

*Eligibility for Mayo head
- purchase of one or more Ghost bride limited dolls during from May 17th to 27th.

*Options of make-up, glass eyes, additional body and costume set are available.

*One account(or address) is eligible for one event head Mayo(make-up, glass eyes not included) no matter how many dolls are purchased.

2) For those who purchase full package, Mayo head(without make-up), its costume set and glass eyes will be given!

*For the first time, you can meet new skin color, Light Taro.

*New head, Rose is unveiled!

Hope your great support for 'The Ghost Bride'!!
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