[ 2018-04-02 ] Notice on Petits Bonbons ver. Belle sales opening!

Petits Bonbons ver. Belle is attracting huge attention from all of you, Lati fans.
Online sales of 8 sets of Petits Bonbons ver. Belle is opening!

When : April. 5th, 2018. 18:00(Korean time basis)

This is first come, first served basis, only 8 sets are available. Please read carefully our notice as below :

1. One set consists of 5 dolls and only set purchase is available.
(Order amount is limited to one set per person)

2. Please understand that we don't receive orders from Thailand cause we already opened its sales for Thailand customers at Dolltopia.
If Thailand accounts placed an order, it will be automatically cancelled.

3. Please choose payment option as "money" and hold your payment until you receive ‘order confirmation mail’ from us.

When placing an order, please leave your available e-mail address so that we can send order confirmation mail. The first 8 purchasers will receive the mail on Apr. 8th.

After receiving confirmation mail, you can choose payment option as you want and proceed payment.

Receipt of order confirmation mail indicates your order completion.

*Because our system often makes an error in counting order amount, we have no choice but to introduce this way of ordering.
Please understand this.

4. This is special limited kit in limited amount of 25 sets, we don't have plan to produce more.

5. This order will be shipped out within 20-30 days after placing an order.

Hope your great support for Special limited set, Petits Bonbons ver. Belle!!
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