[ 2017-09-11 ] [MUST READ] additional notice for Magical Lati

Hello, This is Lati

We found some confusion among our customers, so we'd like to make it clear and add a few things to previous notice.

1. event gift, "white skin magical bird"(incl. brushing)

Only those who purchase 3 Magical Lati girls in full set(including wig, outfit, shoes and magic wand)
(please find attached product page : http://www.latidoll.com/2007_en/index.htm?mode=product_view&big=2&mid=3&num=8683)

OR full package.
((please find attached product page : http://www.latidoll.com/2007_en/index.htm?mode=product_view&big=2&mid=3&num=8682)

will be given "white skin magical bird"(incl. brushing)

2. 3 Magical Lati girls can have only their own colored bird.
For example, if you purchase Spring Pink [Nia], only pink bird part is available.
If it is Summer Blue [Jenny] you ordered, you can buy only blue bird part.
However when you order Winter S.Belle, you can pick bird part with any color freely.

Sorry for the confusion caused.
Please be noted this revised statment.
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