[ 2017-02-22 ] Must Read)Notice of Make-up A/S policy

Hello This is Lati,

We’d like to let you know our Make-up A/S policy.

Only customers who bought Lati dolls through our official website or official dealers are available for Make-up A/S.

When customers have some make-up issue, please send us(Lati official e-mail address: doll_lati@naver.com) an e-mail(including photos of doll, Certificate and where you bought(dealer name or event name). We examine and check its condition and inform how to proceed A/S.(Defect cases include, for example, make-up coating crack, pressure mark)

We’d like to clarify A/S policy once again as some customers mistake some sorts of cases caused in the process of manufacturing for defects.

All the Ball-Jointed Dolls(BJD) can have some difference as they are not produced by machinery in large quantities but they are hand-crafted.

Please find differences that can be occurred in the process of manufacturing as below :
-Rather white stain left on upper forehead of face part caused by work for removal of gate mark
-Rather white stain left on bottom of back head part caused by work for removal of gate mark
(The same goes for body part. For customers’ convenience, we do sanding work to remove parting-line and this work can leave some sanding mark)

-Non-visible slight red or white line, small dots or marbling that can be occurred while coloring body skin
As for strong colored skin dolls, they can have more visible sanding mark than normal or white skin dolls.

-Color difference in make-up
All the make-up work is hand-crafted and color difference in eye shadow and blusher on cheeks can be naturally occurred.
Please be noted this kind of color difference is not available for make-up A/S.

Lastly, we’d like to let you what you need to keep in mind regarding coating crack.
Please be careful about where to put your dolls because too humid and hot places can cause crack issues.
And please be careful not to drop the doll because it can cause crack as well.

We really appreciate for your support and have made a lot of efforts to produce good quality dolls. However recently we’ve got a lot of A/S inquiries causing trouble to our work and we decided to inform our customers of A/S policy more specifically.

We will do our best to keep up the good work.

Thank you.
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