[ 2006-03-27 ] allied products which are compatible with ours(update)

Hello, this is Lati.

We made a tabular statement which shown compatibility with other BJDs.

*please pay attention before you purchase some allied products for your BJDs, There is possibily that some products would not fit by the difference of design or the state of each item, though the size is similar.

*note1 : the wigs for Mini fee are compatible with Green/Blue size, but the opposite is impossible.

*note2 : the sacks are compatible with Green size, and the shoes for Green line are compatible with USD size, but the opposite is impossible.

*note3 : Kid Delf has 57mm feet which are 5mm bigger than Green line doll, and 3mm smaller
than Blue line doll, so it may not fit depend on their design.

Take care.
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