[ 2005-09-01 ] What is main difference among basic, special ver. and limited collection?

Basic ver. is the ones you can make an order until out of stock
without special period and limited amount. and when they
are sold out, they will be available again about one time
per month. the contents of Basic ver. default set include
Glass eyes, but the wig, outfits and Make-up service in the pictures
are charged option.

*the contents of Basic ver. Red line dolls include Glass eyes,
the wig(Mo-hair), and outfits.

*Make-up style in the pictures are unchangeable, please use Premium Make-up
Service, if you want to get your doll with different Make-up style from pictures.

We ask your understanding that there`s a limitation of quantity
we can manufacture per month even though Basic ver.,
by reason of the own process of making BJDs that depend on
handiworks mostly in compliance with an order.

Special ver. is the one you can place an order with complete
package including outfits and special Make-up service designed
for their own concept in high quality-ART ver., WTCS(World Traditional
Costume Series), also there is a limited amount of dolls. and
they won`t restock again with same concept, but may release
another Special ver. or Basic ver..

We have arrangements to change Special Limited ver. and
Limited ver. Category into Special ver. and Limited collection.

The wig, outfits, and shoes-whole contents of Limited Collection
will be prepared specially only for onetime including the doll itself.

We will introduce every doll and every high quality contents prepared
with best wishes, as Masterpieces made by our know-how that is
based on our several years in this field.

And once they are sold out, never they(including BJD) will be
restocked again, unlike existing limited ver.

*Make-up service of Special Limited ver. and Limited ver.
are especially designed for their own concept. so it`s hard
to receive request for your taste, and the opposite(request to make
Basic ver. doll having Make-up service similar to Special Limited ver.
and Limited ver. is impossible either.

We ask your understanding about this limitation with apologies.
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